109 East Twelfth Street

On October 5th, 2010, a project located at 109 E 12th street was undertaken.  There was severe damage to the exterior bricks and also to the cornice at the top of the building.

First, Kestner|Waggoner used a lift and began to clean the brick facade of the building with an all-natural, “green” chemical cleaner. Picture 1 demonstrates this cleaning effort towards the beginning of the project, with three-fourths of the cleaning finished.

Next, we began to repair the holes in the metal cornice at the top of the building, where there was severe rust damage, causing large holes in the cornice.  Picture 2 shows the repair effort on the cornice.  After the cornice was repaired, Kestner|Waggoner finished by tuckpointing the parts on the building that needed it.  This is shown in Picture 3. Picture 4 shows the finished building.


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